Boyfriend Coat

So I’ve been wanting to post more fashion and style related posts on my blog for a while now…well pretty much since I first started it. So when I had my friend Cee J pop down to London for a photography session I obviously grasped the opportunity to have him take a few outfit photos for me. Now with how crazy the weather has been recent, I’ve been confused as to if we are in Spring or Summer, although though on the day I am writing this it does almost feel like a day in early Summer. It’s safe to say that my outfit in these photographs is screaming springtime, especially with the pastel coat…something that I feel is the main focus of this outfit.

I’ve owned this particularly coat for a while and I picked it up in the New Look sale a few years ago. While I wore it a lot when I first purchased it, I’ve recently been reaching for it less and less, especially since I’ve had my faux leather jacket which has been my go-to coat for the past year. Although wearing it the other day made me realise how much I originally loved it and the fact that it’s a pastel pink actually encourages me to wear some colour (well a colour other than black or grey). A majority of this outfit I purchased in H&M and I am unable to link to the exact items but just about any pair of blue jeans, white jumper and white oxfords will help you achieve this look.

Do you have a coat that you once loved and no longer reach for? Maybe you should pull it out just once more and rediscover your love for it.

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photographs in this post were taken by CeeJ Ward on a Canon 600D using a 50mm lens and edited on VSCO.

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